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how we work

Saffron goes way, way beyond ordinary real estate to maximize value for every client. Here, creativity meets experience; service meets commitment. As a rule, we reject ineffective strategies typical in real estate today. Instead, we reach out to buyers and sellers with a high level of personal commitment, creative marketing and leading technologies. Plus, we work as a team to meet your real estate goals at every step. As a result, buyers and sellers who use Saffron have a distinct advantage over any other real estate group.

who we serve

To serve neighborhoods all over Chicago, Saffron’s partnership with @properties allows a creative and innovative approach to real estate, for both buyers and sellers. Saffron agents will share our 30,000 prospect database, MLS listings integrated into our website, and invaluable relationships with the brokerage community.

what we do

Saffron buyers benefit from razor-sharp agents who truly know the Chicago market. We carefully recruit agents who are energetic, experienced and committed to building long-term client relationships. Saffron sellers benefit from the longest possible “buyer eye time”. We achieve this through smartly-integrated technologies and clever marketing that puts properties front and center during property searches.

going "way, way beyond"

“Way, way beyond” is more than a tagline. When it comes to the quality of relationships with our clients we hold ourselves to a much higher standard than most agencies. Saffron’s commitment extends way beyond closing. Our concierge service can recommend qualified providers that include carpenters, movers, storage facilities, and decorators. (We’ve even helped clients pick paint colors and walk their dogs during showings!).

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